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tragic death of at least 12 civilians when a public bus in Donetsk Oblast was hit by a shell on Tuesday. We would appreciate more engagement of the

Organisation in the promotion of equal opportunities for women in production and trade, equal economic rights, equal access to the labour market. Madame Chair, We would like to express the support of the EU for the three core UN mechanisms addressing indigenous issues and rights: the Special Rapporteur on the rights of indigenous peoples; the Expert Mechanism on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples; and the Permanent Forum. The European Union and its Member States would like to start by reiterating our appreciation to the Monegasque Chairmanship for having steered the FSC throughout the period ahead and during the Basel Ministerial Council in a dedicated and highly professional manner. This initiative is especially designed to provide education to children in emergencies. We call upon the Russian Federation to publicly condemn the criminal acts of armed pro-Russian separatists and exercise its influence among them to lay down their weapons, renounce violence, and immediately and unconditionally release the eight abducted monitors from the osce Special Monitoring Mission. We have also seen how media outlets, not least those operating online, are under pressure in several countries. We continue to express our support for the work of Ambassador Tagliavini and welcome that she will remain in her current position. Such centres in countries of origin or transit will help to provide a realistic picture of the possible outcomes of migrants' journeys, and offer assisted voluntary return options for irregular migrants. Regarding delays of delivery in IDC Reviewed Products, we encourage the PTS to continue to ensure that the quality and timeliness of the Reviewed Products are upheld, given these are a core part of the verification regime. We will continue to draw on this expertise within the EU, as well as to support osce engagement in other parts of the region. World War II was one of the greatest tragedies ever to have afflicted the peoples of Europe and the world and took tens of millions of lives. We reiterate also that abductions, such as the abduction of a member of the staff of the embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Yemen in July 2013 and others mentioned in the Secretary-Generals report, or any kind of violent act against diplomatic and. This is a historic step by the Nebraska Legislature at a time where the worldwide movement towards the abolition of capital punishment continues to grow. We call on all participating States to redouble their efforts in this respect, notably in view of the reissuing of the Vienna Document in 2016. These phenomena run counter to the founding principles of the EU which are indeed common values to all EU Member States. The EU deplores dprk's continuous provocative launches of Short Range Ballistic Missiles, as well as the test-firing of two medium range ballistic missiles on 26 March this year. We are very much looking forward to working with him in his new position. We agree that your main priority this year must be addressing the crisis in and around Ukraine. At this juncture, the EU again calls on Syria to respect the Convention and fully meet all its obligations as specified in Article IV paragraph 16 of the CWC regarding the costs arising in connection with the elimination of its chemical weapons programme and the. We are looking forward to the group's meetings in 2015, including to the one ongoing as we speak, and to the report of the GGE to further substantively advance the issue. This is in line with our longstanding support to the principles of transparency and responsibility in arms trade. Alignment clause At the outset, allow me to begin by congratulating you on your appointment as President of the 16th Conference of States parties to Amended Protocol II of the CCW. The EU would like to make the following points in the context of the situation in and around Ukraine. The EU is ready to engage in joint work with regional partners on the basis of the Arab Peace Initiative, and welcomes ongoing efforts of the Quartet in this regard. This is a crucial issue, in particular as many countries are faced with the growing threat of increasing flow of international recruits to terrorist organization, including foreign fighters. These activities contribute not only to the implementation of article X but also support our efforts to achieve universality of the btwc. Allow me to" Paragraph 5 of the vdpa in this respect: All human rights are universal, indivisible and interdependent and interrelated. Swift and full implementation of the Minsk agreements as the basis for a sustainable political solution to the conflict, respecting Ukraine's unity, sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity, is of critical importance. Having assessed the situation on the ground, the EU Foreign Affairs Council last Monday initiated the preparation for a decision by the end of this month on additional listings targeting separatists. Ce dernier doit être mené pour prendre en compte les besoins de ceux qui utiliseront ces ressources mais également les contingences auxquelles ceux qui les allouent doivent faire face. Notwithstanding the security situation, the European Union urges Syria to take all possible measures for completing the removal of the remaining chemicals immediately and without further delay, and in any case no later than 30 June. Lundeg Purevsuren, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Mongolia, and thank him for having presented the FSC Chairmanship's programme and objectives for the first trimester of 2015. The EU and its Member States have contributed in kind and with significant funds to the operation aimed at the destruction of the Syrian chemical weapons. A longer-term perspective is required, going beyond humanitarian assistance.

We consider death penalty as a cruel. Inhumane and gays en la axarquia degrading punishment, the osce salwcommitments in the light. It leads to more efficient policy making through the redefinition of political priorities and the placing of new issues on the political agenda. In particular, of important UN documents such as the UN Programme of Action on salw and the outcome document of the Fifth Biennial. I would like to request that this statement be circulated as an official document of this meeting of the Council and be published on the opcw website and extranet.

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I would like to express the EUapos. We español are chistosos therefore ready to make all efforts to put in practice its provisions in order to strengthen norms and activities in this area through improved implementation and increased coherence with the UN framework. Made all the more significant through its inclusive nature. Once more the European Union would like to reiterate its commitment to the fight against racism.


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